Q&A with Russian DJ Ka Fu about live set in Eco-Art Park Nikola-Lenivets

Dynamic electronic music producer Ka Fu plays his experimental live set while creating a picturesque and contrasting scene, by performing on the bridge, detaching himself from the lake beneath him in the popular Russian art park Nikola-Lenivets.

This year Ka Fu released the remix to Llama’s Dream song titled ‘Rain Catcher’ which was featured on the popular Youtube channel Ambient. Ka Fu received praise last year from Data Transmission, XS Noize, Child Of House, La Belle Musique, the_accidental_poet, and Progressive Dreamers, with his debut album Encoding: Master. The masterful Klas-HenrikLindblad (Anja Schneider, Rodriguez Jr., The Presets) from Berlin BlackHead Studios was involved in the mixing stages of the album. The composer is every-changing, moving around the globe, and constantly evolving with his music. We find out more about the wanderer below.

Why did you decide to do your live performance in the Nikola-Lenivets park?

Nikola-Lenivets is a legendary place, maybe the most creative art park in Europe. If you go through it you will meet gigantic art objects and figures of modern art placed in unique places of untouched nature. A long time ago, this place was inhabited by ancient tribes with occult traditions so it has a quite unique atmosphere. That’s why this place is a favourite one for many music and art festivals. You definitely feel different energy here, mixed with feelings for the vast power of nature, so to play my set here at 5 am in the morning was an interesting experience. I always wanted to look around because of the feeling that someone is watching me form that forest. It is real!

The guys who created that park are legends as well. Like one of them – Vasiliy Shetinin – is a creator of a famous gigantic kinetic figure “Ikarushka” (named by famous greek myth hero Ikar). To make the long story of this art project short – Vasiliy created the project of 40 meters kinetic figure with gigantic wings – all moving in a super developed engineering concept like alive Ikar. He named that figure Birding Man and was heading to Burning Man in 2017, with it already approved and produced, so he basically had to install it and present that crazy project to the world. Unfortunately, right in the airport of Salt Lake City where Vasily arrived before going to Black Rock City, he had a heart attack and fell into a coma and then a bit later died. A very sad story about a man with a big dream and big vision, so I feel honoured to show that park where Vasily created his art objects for the world and really thankful to BE-AT.TV for that opportunity.

What inspired you to pursue experimental music production? 

For me, music is all about constant movement and personal development. Do you remember how for instance  DJ Shadow evolved through his audio biography and then suddenly appeared as the producer of the brilliant first Unkle’s Album? That was a long way worth every step because after all, you are able then to create such beauty as “Psyence Fiction”. So I wouldn’t call this constant development an experimental music production but this is rather the way of my personal music character growing. Ka Fu is growing and changing from track to track…exactly this process made music production interesting for me, I would never get bored anymore. I think the aim is to find your way, your own style and your own point… to go everyday step by step learning and “working out” all those styles, samples, synthesizers, arrangement and mixing techniques, everything… and then one day to find out that you created something that came out from the deepness of your soul, it’s not copied, it’s not influenced and it has your own DNA. So you either go all in, deep dive and have a chance to be different with your own style or sooner or later you will be tired of your own music… You can’t buy the feeling of being original in music production, the only way here is to explore it by yourself and to evolve into something of your own creation – that’s the moment when you really get high from the emotions of what came out from your skills. And only after that, you could become your own number one fan which is the key to the endless source of inspiration.

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